AKHLYS premiere House of the Black Geminus

Some days before its official release on July 5th, oneiric Black Metal force-of-nature AKHLYS present the full stream of their new album. „House of the Black Geminus“ is a display of frightening dominance. Combining intense Black Metal with elements of Dark Ambient and Death Industrial, AKHLYS unite psychological horror, orchestrated bludgeon and eerie foreboding on a harrowing journey into pandemonic majesty.

Akhlys – House of the Black Geminus (Full album) (youtube.com)

Mastermind Naas Alcameth (AORATOS, NIGHTBRINGER) relays the concept behind this sinister work: „Like its predecessors, „House of the Black Geminus“ is based on dreams seen from an esoteric perspective and through the language and symbols of mythology and the occult. This album is more nuanced because it is more particular as a thematic album. It focuses on the symbol of the „house“ within this dream context, which serves as an abode where, after ordeal, one meets one’s daemonic reflection or shadow. Dreams are traditionally linked with the underworld, where this house resides. It is structured as three hierarchical levels, mirroring the cosmic structures in ancient mythology and religion: the underworld, the middle, and the celestial above. The house’s cellar represents the underworld, the hearth is the middle abode, and the attic is the celestial. Three different phases of a journey and ordeal occur within the three levels, each with its specific role. It is all very Dante-esque or occult about the „dark night of the soul.