ATARAXIE – new Album Le Déclin in October 2024

Extreme doom/death veterans ATARAXIE proudly announce their new and fifth overall full-length album entitled „Le Déclin“, set for release on October 25th 2024 via Ardua Music & Weird Truth Productions on CD, double LP, tape and digitally.

Picture: Ben Redcatcity

Born in the fall of 2000 in Rouen (France), ATARAXIE take their main inspiration from the early 90s doom/death metal scene and slowest 80s/90s death metal bands. Thus, their genre mainly includes old school death metal parts and classic doom metal ones slowed down in the most extreme way but also various influences from the bleakest metal genres. Their music plays a lot with contrasts in general: ultra slow crushing parts alternate with furious blast beats, mournful parts with more epic ones, and vocals also varies from really deep grunts to tormented screams. Topped by a triple (!) guitar attack, ATARAXIE is a must for fans of diSEMBOWELMENT, Evoken, early My Dying Bride, Morgion, Cathedral, Esoteric, Asunder, Mournful Congregation, Spectral Voice or Incantation.

Lyrically, „Le Déclin“ pushes the themes that were already present on its predecessor „Résignés“ with a focus on subjects like manipulation and obfuscation of the masses, the cult of selfishness, dehumanization towards a parasiting virtual life, global warming insolubility, and reflects the unique musical style of ATARAXIE.