Blacktoothed release new single/video

German rock trio blacktoothed have released a new single/video entitled ‚Hell’s Paradise‘, a mystic fusion of vocals, guitars, and cinematic elements, crafting a haunting auditory landscape, out now via Arising Empire. The song includes a robust chorus and an engaging hook, enhanced by the commanding vocal delivery of Felix Fröhlich from BITE.

BLACKTOOTHED – Hell’s Paradise ft. Felix Fröhlich from BITE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (

Guitarist Matti characterises the track as capturing „the sensation of being paralysed and trapped within one’s own mind, racing against time in a paradox of ample time (paradise) yet struggling to use it wisely (hell).“

Singer Hendrik remarks, „There’s always one song on every album that evolves significantly during the writing and recording process. Matti essentially wrote ‚Hell’s Paradise‘ twice. Trusting the process was crucial, and we are thrilled with the final vibe of the song, especially with Felix’s contribution.“