Future Palace release video for Dreamstate

German post-hardcore trio Future Palace have released a video for their new single ‚Dreamstate‘. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Distortion, due for release on 6th September via Arising Empire. Future Palace collaborated with Pavel Trebukhin once again for the ‚Dreamstate‘ music video, returning to Riga, Latvia.

FUTURE PALACE – Dreamstate (OFFICAL VIDEO) (youtube.com)

Sometimes the world is so overwhelming that the thought of another reality seems like a salvation. In their new single ‚Dreamstate‘ Future Palace describes the escape into a dream world with an unmatched musical vigour.

Dense synthwave arpeggios put the epic instrumentals into fluid hovering states, and the energetic drums sound like a racing heartbeat, while vocalist Maria Lessing lets all emotions run free in a monumental hook. With the crashing breakdown in the finale, in which the constructed illusion finally collapses like a nightmare, it becomes clear that this escape offers no real way out. In their new song, Future Palace emphasise, both sonically and lyrically, a desire for escapism that arises from deep pain.

That ‚Dreamstate‘ has become such a massive sonic demonstration of power is not at all evident from the song’s genesis. „At first, I actually intended to write a piano ballad,“ says guitarist Manuel Kohlert. „But the song quickly became much harder.“

„It’s now one of my favourite songs on our new album,“ adds Lessing.

The organic development process of the song, in which quiet sounds were ultimately overtaken by massive anger, can perhaps even be read symbolically – after all, the vocalist was also thinking about her career as a musician, which sometimes seems just as overwhelming. „Very often I lack the strength to see it all through,“ she continues. „I think many people can empathise with this feeling of being overwhelmed in our performance-oriented society.“