Germany’s SERVANT set release date for new album

AOP Records announces September 20th as the international release date of the highly anticipated third album of Germany’s ServantDeath Devil Magick, on CD and vinyl LP formats. In lieu of this announcement, the band reveal the new track „Litany,“ which can be heard at AOP Records‚ official YouTube channel: Servant – Litany (Official Track 2024) (

German black metal band Servant have been celebrating their melodic-yet-furious black metal across the underground and beyond since 2021. Their two well-received full-lengths, 2021’s Blessed by The Light of a Thousand Stars and last year’s Aetas Ascensus, shook ground within the metal scene. Now, Servant are set to release their third full-length, Death Devil Magick, via new label home AOP Records.

Death Devil Magick was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered between October 2024 and May 2024. Without lacking in their musical trademarks, Servant continue to evolve on their new record. Melodic guitars combine with furious drums, and powerful basslines go with keys and mighty grooves. On Death Devil Magick, the vocals are clearer than on the previous two albums, giving the words the required power in meaning. All this is put in a powerful soundscape which is aggressive yet very dynamic and tidied up.

The lyrical topics are inspired by poets and philosophers like Charles Baudelaire and Friedrich Nietzsche, but also paintings by Franz von Stuck from the era of symbolism, for example, can be mentioned here. The lyrics discuss conflicts of emotions, beliefs, addiction, and depths of human nature. Death Devil Magick invites the listener to step into the gallery of nine microcosms and witness lust, despair, magick, and ecstasy.

Moreover, Servant are going to tour Europe as part of the Scherbentour 2024 together with labelmates Ellende and GROZA to spread magick, lust, and ecstasy. Dates follow further below.