IMPERIA presents Reach My Tears video

July 26, 2024 will see the symphonic metal four-piece IMPERIA release their forthcoming, new studio album „Dark Paradise“ via Massacre Records. Following the previously-released song „Better Place“, a video clip for the band’s new single „Reach My Tears“ is now streaming: IMPERIA – Reach My Tears (Official Video) (

„Dark Paradise“ marks a continuation of the musical style established in their previous release, „The Last Horizon“. The core of the album revolves around mid-tempo rock songs, some leaning towards a heavier sound while others adopt a poppier approach. Additionally, two power ballads are included in the album, adding depth to the overall composition. The album is characterized by its emphasis on guitars and orchestral elements. Helena’s vocals shine as she effortlessly transitions between operatic highs and brutal grunts, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist. Despite its concise length, „Dark Paradise“ is a cohesive body of work, seamlessly blending symphonic and rock elements into a unified musical experience. While the album takes a step back from the more extravagant progressive elements of their past releases, it remains true to IMPERIA’s signature symphonic and rocking style.

As the band celebrates their 20th anniversary with their seventh full-length album, „Dark Paradise“ stands as a testament to their evolution and enduring commitment to their unique sound. The collaboration between IMPERIA and Jacob Hansen for mixing guarantees a high-quality sound, given Hansen’s reputation for excellence in his field. Meanwhile, the band’s guitarist, Jan Yrlund, brings his artistic vision to the forefront, ensuring that the visual aspect of the album matches the depth and complexity of the music. The album also features guest musician Oliver Philipps (ex-Everon) on Piano, orchestrations, and additional guitars as well as additional vocals on the track „Lost Souls“.