Limbonic Art return with majestic new Norwegian black metal

LIMBONIC ART are back! Their ninth full-length „Opus Daemoniacal“ is black as a raven, fierce as a wolf, majestic as an eagle, and mighty as the legendary Norwegian black metal pioneers that mastermind, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Vidar „Daemon“ Jensen founded in 1993 have always been.

Project mastermind Vidar Jensen says of the strenuous process of writing this album: „I had and have been interrupted with health issues that often made me want to give up and retire permanently. But I manage to gather strength, to see things through. When it comes to this latest recording, I struggled for years with writer’s-block. I didn’t want to risk copying my previous work too much, so it was a time demanding process. In 2021, I experienced serious adversity and I had to pack a bag with clothes and leave my home. For a few months I slept in my car, freezing because of cold Norwegian temperatures. In the daytime, I sat alone (with my dog) in a home-studio belonging to a friend. It had been mainly to kill time during the distress. I started to play around with the computer and drum-programming. My music fell into order, I’d created the foundation for 10 new songs. Things by then had settled back home and I could move back. But then my friend’s studio suffered from a severe water leakage and they had to bring out all the equipment to renovate. I secured my files on an external hard disc and contacted a more professional studio to record everything under calmer conditions. The studio owner offered me a crash-course on how to record things myself on his slightly different program, to lower costs, because at that point I was operating without any budget from a label. Drum files were okay to continue with, and I decided to do the guitars and bass over again since the first ones were merely meant as guidelines. After the string instruments were finished, I focused on the vocals. I’d written down ideas during the recording, completing the lyrics naturally and quickly. Everything came together, flowing like a stream. This latest creation is stripped from all such things as keyboards except from the occasional intro/outro. For me, Opus Daemoniacal is the most powerful album I ever made. The songs have a strong foundation and the sound quality is better than ever (with the help of an experienced sound technician during the mixing and mastering). It is the first album I recorded completely by myself, meaning that there was no interference from others throughout the entire recording process. I escaped into a dark world of my own exercising my inner demons, inviting them to come out and play! This new album has some utterly extreme sequences of pure fast pounding metal, but it also has some rather calm and beautiful parts, that while performing them in the studio, I felt like stepping out of my earthly shell, soaring in an otherworldly existence. I saw the forces of darkness and light surrounding me, transforming me, elevating me and my spirit. It was a journey.“