MAGES TERROR set release date for debut album

Invictus Productions announces July 12th as the international release date for Mages Terror’s highly anticipated debut album, Damnations Sight, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Damnation’s Sight | Mages Terror | Invictus Productions (

Mages Terror are built upon the fiery hunger of Illogium’s will to create a third psyche outside of Portal and Vomitor which would explore the devotion to the arts of thrashing ancient death and speed metal with the traditional essence. Elite levels of darkness and hate are fused with simplified, structured headbanging riffs, adorned with scathing vocals and a mix of shredding vs. haunting solos.

Alongside him is guitarist Rotten, hailing from the Brisbane death metal unit Pustilence, with his highly skilled virtuoso style of soloing, which offsets the atonal horror of the solo work by Illogium – a complementary guitar duo. Vocalist / bassist Stillborn, who also bleeds over from Pustilence, unleashes a scathing presence that commands over the dual fire. Drums are pounded by CY, who has graced bands in the past such as Mongrels Cross, Impetuous Ritual, and Consummation.

The year 2023 saw a demo under the guise of Vulgar Overlord, recorded via Tascam 4-track, rough and raw with a limited release of 80 red pro-cassettes (which quickly sold out). In November of the same year, with Aphotic Mote (of Portal) at the mixing helm, Mages Terror’s debut full-length, Damnations Sight, was conjured, of which the results are stunning. Rich vintage and ripping guitar tones, huge drums, and nasty vocals are hammered down with conviction.

Invictus Productions have stepped up to release Mages Terror’s Damnations Sight, marking a union of several years between the label and Australia’s heathen underground metal best.