Prophecy Fest 2023 announce Thursday proceedings and change of bands

Prophecy Fest announce the return of their popular outdoor celebration on PROPHECY FEST Thursday for the 2023 edition. Once again, the afternoon and evening under the heading ‚Prophetic Overture‚ will offer a joyful gathering with acoustic music around bonfires as well as several casks of free beer.

The musical part of Thursday’s festivities promises unique acoustic performances. This parade of early highlights assembling at the Prophetic Overture includes wayward occult rockers 1476 from Salem, Massachusetts, German neofolk innovators VRÎMUOT, Californian fiery dreamers ILLUDIUM as well as Dutch acoustic progeny THURNIN, and last but sure not least ERNIE FLEETENKIEKER reading from his bestselling Metal Manifest! 1476 and ILLUDIUM will return to play in the cave with a regular show later during the festival.

On further news, CRONE have kindly agreed to step in for BETHLEHEM as the latter unfortunately had to pull out from the festival this year due to inevitable personal reasons and all band activities will be postponed to 2024 or later.