PSYCHLONA announce new album & release first video single 2024

Hold your breath a few seconds and then ‚Let’s Go‘ as PSYCHLONA rev up the deep-fried guitars and take you on a psychedelic video trip in full technicolor with the ultra-catchy, heavy rocking first single from their forthcoming new full-length „Warped Vision“. The fourth album from the British desert rockers has been chalked up for release on September 27, 2024.

Psychlona – Let’s Go [Official Music Video] (

PSYCHLONA comment: „We have been playing around with the main riff for ‚Let’s Go‘ for quite a while but it never seemed to hit the spot“, guitarist and singer Phil Hey writes on behalf of the band. „After applying a few chops and changes, which included a new punchy middle section, and adding just the right lyrics that are basically about having a good time with the boys, it now had the desired Psychlona vibe.“