SHOW ME A DINOSAUR to have third album released worldwide

On July 26th, AOP Records is proud to present a worldwide edition of Show Me a Dinosaur’s third album, Plantgazer, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Show Me A Dinosaur – Red River (Official Guitar Playthrough) (

Show Me a Dinosaur are a heavy post-rock / blackgaze band from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. This genre-defying band formed in 2010 and released their critically acclaimed debut EP, Evolvent, in 2011 and the dark, brooding masterpiece Dust in 2014.

The unwavering desire to explore an increasingly desperate and harsher sound led to personnel changes. Dinosaur felt a new lease of life and the urge to explode, so in 2015, they took to the road with good friends Trna for an incredibly adventurous Russian spring tour.

In March 2016, they released their self-titled second album, Show Me a Dinosaur, a juggernaut of raw emotions and technical prowess. The release was included in Post-Rock Listener’s Choice 50 Best Releases of 2016, Arctic Drones’ 50 Favourite Albums of 2016, and featured at #12 in Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases of 2016.

On May 20, 2017, Show Me a Dinosaur released a new song called „Unsaid“ on a five-band split album called Imperfect. The band went on to perform in July of that year at Devilstone 17 in Lithuania and in September at Vivid, a post-rock festival in Norway.

The band lineup changed again in 2018, and Show Me a Dinosaur hit the road in 2019 for European tour with dear friends Trna. The band – now consisting of Pavel Volkov (guitar), Artem Selyugin (guitar, vocals), Philip Chernonog (bass), and Daniel Kourdakov (drums) – have evolved into one of the most intense and awe-inspiring bands in Europe.

Plantgazer was released on December 4, 2020 digitally and physically, the latter as an independent self-release. AOP Records is now proud to re-release the album on European soil on July 26, 2024.

Plantgazer is an album born from someone locked inside his home. Someone gazing at his house plants day in, day out, and trying to figure out answers to the many questions this new world has given rise to. An album born from the hope of breaking through a growing anxiety.