SOROR DOLOROSA announce new album

SOROR DOLOROSA make us feel over the moon with their first single ‚Tear It Up‘ and the accompanying video clip that channels extremely cool 90s vibes and SISTERS OF MERCY chic into stunning visuals – and features an extended version.

Soror Dolorosa – Tear It Up [Official Music Video] (

The track ‚Tear It Up‘ is taken from the forthcoming new full-length of the French post-punk gothic rockers that is entitled „Mond“ (the German word for ‚Moon‘), which has been slated for release on October 4, 2024.

SOROR DOLOROSA comment: „Our first single ‚Tear It up‘ is also the opening track of the new album“, mastermind Andy Julia explains. „This magic song was composed in a one take. Inspired by Jean-Baptiste Marquet’s composition, the lyrics just appeared all of a sudden in one session. This also marks Jean-Baptiste’s entry as a composer into the band as he had joined us after the release of ‚Apollo‘ in 2018. The lyrics revolve around the acceptance of childhood traumata, and the transcendence that we can reach from this – if we dare to face them. ‚Tear It Up‘ was the obvious choice for a first single and video clip taken from ‚Mond‘. When we asked Mathilde, the actress in the video, she declared that this song was made for her. We had an unforgettable experience playing at La Maison des Choeurs in Montpellier in October 2023. This made it an easy decision for us to return to the place in order to shoot the ‚Tear It Up‘ video in this wonderful 17th century neo-classical church.“