XASTHUR release and stream new album today

XASTHUR drop their new dark American folk album Disharmonic Variations“ in shops and online streaming services today, on Friday, July 5, 2024: Xasthur Disharmonic Variations [Full Album Player] (youtube.com)

XASTHUR comment on „Disharmonic Variations“: „Looking back on these tracks, they’re again based on certain periods of life and where I was living, how I was feeling, what I was doing, who I knew, things that I have witnessed, and more in those times“, mastermind Scott Conner explains. „If I were to set out to make only one or two long songs, and were to take years to do it, then I’d have more stories behind them. But I don’t. I move on to the next and don’t revel in the creation of the prior for long – if at all. For me, there’s never one story to re-tell, they just happen. It’s never about one person, or one thing, it’s about at least dozens or  even hundreds. I want to leave it up to the listener to create their own stories which are far from any of mine on whatever these tracks are about.“