ABREAKTION stream debut EP

On May 31st internationally, Chaos Records is proud to present Abreaktion’s highly anticipated debut EP, Bornhatred, on CD format. And today, the New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal YouTube channel streams the EP in its entirety: Abreaktion – Bornhatred (EP, 2024) 🇨🇱 (youtube.com)

Hailing from the cult-metal hotbed of Chile, Santiago’s Abreaktion are a thrash metal band founded in mid-2023 in by guitarists Roran Fatehatred and Javier Salgado and bassist Sebastián Logan. After only a few months of rehearsing, the band began recording their first EP at Lion’s Roar studio, which would be titled Bornhatred. At the end of the same year, the band released the first single from this EP, titled „Pyromaniac,“ opening the way for some live performances that are still ongoing.

As a first strike, Bornhatred is deadly. Red-eyed and rabid with just a tinge of ’80s-style death metal, Abreaktion’s first EP flies fast and free and fiercely, largely eschewing the usual Bay Area or German tropes for the culter likes of Sacrifice, Artillery, Holy Terror, and Atrophy. That they conclude Bornhatred with a cover of Dark Angel’s „Welcome to the Slaughterhouse“ simply underlines their devotion to classic ’80s thrash and even its deathrash variants: no more but definitely no less, Abreaktion are thrash metal maniacs making thrash metal for other thrash metal maniacs.

After a series of lineup changes, the Abreaktion lineup is finally established with Roran Fatehatred (guitar/vocals), Javier Salgado (guitar), Edu (bass), and Andrés „Ratanás“ Vega (drums). Already, with this already with stability in the lineup, they’ve begun working on demos of new songs for what will be their first full-length. In the meantime, fucking THRASH with Bornhatred!