ACxDC announce new album G.O.A.T.

Long running grind and powerviolence band ACxDC has announced their forthcoming sophomore album, G.O.A.T., set for release via Prosthetic Records on April 26. The Los Angeles, CA based group has also shared the lead single  from G.O.A.T., titled Thot Police, alongside the tracks Goatcore and Vested Interest which are available to listen to below.


Speaking on the Thot Police single release, ACxDC comments: „Thot Police stems from overhearing people, as well as seeing online discourse, in relation to extreme music (hardcore, punk, power violence, metal, etc) STILL discussing female participants and attendees by the value of their body parts.

„Consistent comments on the value of women in bands and whether they’ve received their recognition based on their “hotness”. Attacking the replication of mainstream values and norms in a music scene that for nearly five decades has confronted these attitudes and been comprised of women, femmes, non binary, and trans folks since it’s inception.“

Delving deeper into the depths of depression than its predecessor, 2020’s Satan Is King, G.O.A.T. digs down into a more emotional realm than the usual absurdist concepts previously used as subject matter. Although a glimmer of biting sarcasm, self-deprecating humor, and political rage rounds out the album, a solid majority deals with failure, imposter syndrome, and self doubt. Released four years after their Prosthetic debut, a shift in mental stability and musical aggression produces a much more cohesive, tightly wound, and unnerving side to ACxDC.

In November 2019 ACxDC returned to producer Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) – who recorded and mixed Satan Is King – at The Pit Recording Studio, Van Nuys, CA; Brad Boatright later mastered the album at Audiosiege. Dylan Garret Smith provided the G.O.A.T. emblem which symbolises ACxDCs attachment to Satanism and commitment to upsetting religious nerds everywhere.

Embracing grind, hardcore, punk, death metal, and more, ACxDC subverts the traditional “powerviolence” sound standing out sonically on their own- precisely as their Demon-Core name implies. A first in ACxDC history, G.O.A.T. features some of extreme music’s most notable voices with features from Henry Everitt & Roger Rivandeneira (No/Mas), Alex Jones (Undeath), Elliott Morrow (Gulch), and Galax (Greenwitch).