AIVVASS set release date for new collection

Darkness Shall Rise Productions is proud to present Aivvass‚ Spiritual Archives (Occult Rites I+II) collection on CD and cassette tape formats. Both EPs, Occult Rites I and Occult Rites II, shall be released separately on 12″ vinyl. The CD and tape versions will be released internationally on July 18th while the two vinyl EPs will be released on August 15th. Permanently on the lookout for new blood, Darkness Shall Rise are delighted to proffer its latest discovery.

Spiritual Archives (Occult Rites I+II) | Aivvass (

Having concocted their curious amalgam in secrecy for several years, Germany-based Aivvass come out of the shadows to reveal their aptly titled EPs Occult Rites I & II. Named after the non-corporeal being which Aleister Crowley claimed to have dictated his „Liber AL vel Legis,“ it takes no wonder that the obscure band’s creations are profoundly steeped in Thelemic magick and occult lore.

Expertly oscillating between bludgeoning heaviness and acoustic serenity, the compositions of Aivvass take the listener on a stunning ride between polarities. Mellow neofolk accompanied by clean singing are effortlessly intertwined with down-tuned doom riffs and evocative growling of a bestial nature. The predominantly mid-paced songs, like the masterfully crafted „Lucifer“ or „Witchcraft,“ unfold a meditative quality by means of numerous repetitions of each arrangement. Adding to the atmospherically dense recordings are various samples including invocations by The Great Beast himself.

Fiends of the dark arts and aficionados of obscure sonic manifestation alike: COME TO THE SABBATH!