AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN release new album Closure

AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN has released their tenth album, Closure, via Prosthetic Records. The long running Dutch atmospheric black metal group’s latest album continues AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN’s themes of lost love, melancholy and yearning against their hybrid sound of black metal and shoegaze.

Speaking on Closure’s release, MCHL (guitars, vocals, keys) comments: „Our tenth album, Closure, represents the closing of a chapter. In a way it’s a summation of AN AUTUMN CRIPPLED CHILDREN that offers growth and moving on – despite fear, loss, and melancholy there are moments of bittersweet joy to be found.“

In the fifteen years since their 2008 inception AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN have become a staple act in both black metal and shoegaze circles, delivering hauntingly evocative missives of introspective, yearning and sorrow alike. On Closure, the Dutch band continues to push the sonic template of their disparate influences to its limits, resulting in a sound that nurtures their ethereal sensibilities as much as their wall of sound approach to the genre’s more extreme inclinations.

Recorded by the band between September 2021 and May 2022 in the Netherlands, Closure’s production spotlights the trio’s complex melodies with an accomplished sheen without compromising on the staple lo-fi elements of AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN’s foundational intensity.

On their latest full-length, AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN’s well trodden themes of loss, love, and self-actualisation continue to be expanded on in depth with an all too human ache permeating throughout. Well over a decade into their existence, primary songwriter MCHL’s vessel for melancholia and catharsis remains as poignant and vital to the modern atmospheric black metal canon as ever.