ANCST releases new 4-Track EP

While other artists tend to stay in their genre lines, Ancst have been straying away from these since their inception by fusing together black metal, hardcore punk, metalcore, death metal and bits of grindcore and scramz. Their diverse discography not only contains classic metal/hc records but also releases that experiment with noise, dark ambient and even film music.

ANCST – Heerbann (Official video premiere, 2022) – YouTube

“Zorn” takes Ancst back to its humble beginnings, putting the music back into a black metal framework and stripping it of its hardcore elements while staying true to the Ancst sound mold. It’s also the first time Ancst uses its mother tongue german for all the lyrics.

 „Zorn“ has been released on October 6th through Yehonala Tapes and is available on Vinyl, CD and as high-quality digital download through the Band’s Bandcamp page: Zorn | ANCST (