ANTAGONYZE stream debut

Chilean death metallers Antagonyze stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness, at the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Set for international release on April 19th via Chaos Records, hear Antagonyze’s Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness in its entirety exclusively here: Antagonyze (Chl) – Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness (Album 2024) (

Formed in 2019 and hailing from the always-thriving Chilean underground, Antagonyze are a death metal band founded by guitarists Ignacio Riveros and Francisco Álvarez and bassist Mateo Gutiérrez. Soon enough, they began their first compositions and later recruited drummer Moisés Aguayo and the ex-vocalist to complete the formation. By the end of that first year, Antagonyze achieved some support in the local underground metal scene with some live shows. Not long after, the band recording their first work, Echoes From Soul, a demo cassette that was originally released in May 2020. This was an independent release and was thus limited to 33 copies. After that, the label Infernal South Productions offered to release the demo in a pro cassette version, which came July 2020, limited to 140 copies.

Due to the pandemic, Antagonyze were forced to stop their activities, but during this period, the band continued working on new compositions from home. By late 2020, the ex-vocalist left the band, and in 2021, the drummer Moisés Aguayo had time-commitment troubles due to his job. In this moment, the band recruited Alvaro Mora as new vocalist and Nicolás Cavada as drummer, both from the city Los Ángeles, which is near to their home of Nacimiento. This lineup boost proved to be a boon, as Antagonyze began changing lyrics and adding new drum rhythms and nuances to preexisting songs. With this new formation, the band began to play more shows and gain more followers, sharing the stage with the likes of fellow Chilean bands Serpent Throne, Apostasy, Repugnatory, Soul Rot, Strigoi, Radamanthys, and Peru’s Morbo Satan among others.

By the end of 2022, Antagonyze decided to re-record the best songs of Echoes From Soul and add new songs to create a new full-length work titled Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness. Thick and throttling, Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness more than lives up to its title, unleashing a torrent of twisted & twisting death metal of a most ’90s vintage. Frequently dipping into doomier corridors, Antagonyze always whip forth forward momentum, varying their attack with violence and class, particularly in their lead work, which remains richly melodic in its bottomless darkness. The production, too – recorded by Felipe Cadenas at Estudio Chains, with mixing & mastering by Ignacio Riveros – makes these ten Interpretations hit that much harder and with devastating dynamics.

For those who wisely prize the ’90s works of Immolation, The Chasm, Shub Niggurath, and Mexico’s Cenotaph, go further south of Heaven with Antagonyze’s Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness!