ANTIGAMA: Disasters video premieres

ANTIGAMA’s latest video, “Disasters,” has seen a premiere. The slow-burning track is found on the innovative grindcore act’s decimating eighth LP, Whiteout, out now on Selfmadegod Records. Ending a seven-year gap since their prior LP, Whiteout once again showcases ANTIGAMA’s primal energy with a modern framework and advanced sophistication. The eleven pieces are rapid, direct, and uncompromising, with the atmosphere of human decline and aggravation.


Whiteout was recorded and mixed at JNS Studio and various locations between May and September 2021 by Pawel Grabowski and ANTIGAMA, mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks, and is completed with cover artwork by Wojciech Szymañski. The record’s closing track “2222” features a searing guest saxophone performance from Marcin Kajper.

The “Disasters” video was created by Sick Studio. Metal Injection writes, “ANTIGAMA is now streaming their stuttering new video for ‘Disasters’ and it’s going to break your brain. Not fully break it to the point of disuse, but the disorientation is going to be real as hell. As for the music, it’s ANTIGAMA – it’s grinding madness that would make Napalm Death crack a very visible smile.”