ARÐ appear on German TV (NDR) at Easter

Northumbrian monastic doom shooting stars ARÐ will make an appearance in the first episode of a new TV series about England’s coasts on German ARD state television, broadcast by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) this Easter Monday, April 10, 2023 at prime time 8:15 pm Central European Summer Time. The documentary will be streaming at this link (outside of Germany, it might be necessary to use a proxy): Die Küsten des Königreiches | – Fernsehen – Programm – epg

ARРcomment: „As well as being soaked in my love of doom metal, the other important element of Arð is representing Northumbria, with all of its dramatic history and wild and beautiful landscapes“, the band’s mastermind Mark Deeks enthuses. „To get the opportunity to share my thoughts with a German audience was a fantastic experience for which I am very grateful. To have it shown by a TV channel called ARD when the band is called Arð, is an amusing bonus. Tune in to find out more about where we are coming from and what has inspired us.“