ATHANATHEOS – new song premiere

French Death Metallers ATHANATHEOS have premiered another song from their upcoming new concept album, „Cross. Deny. Glorify.“. „You Were Not“ can be checked out here: ATHANATHEOS – You Were Not (New Song 2023) – YouTube

The band’s third full-length will be released on April 14th, 2023 via Lavadome Productions. It was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered between July 2019 to December 2022 at the Atheistic Dungeon by Samuel Girard. The cover artwork is a painting by Giulio Romano (1524, „The Battle of the Milvian Bridge“).

ATHANATHEOS have refined their craft to deliver real metal grandeur upon the listener. However, the mentality that undergirds this record is the same one that allowed Death Metal to evolve and thrive in the exile of absolute ostracism by the mainstream: No trends, no compromise, only pure vision.

The concept of the album leads to the fourth century, a period of significant interest to scholars of Christian history when, over a span of just 80 years, Christianity transformed from a marginalized and persecuted sect to the sole authorized state religion of the Roman Empire. This brought about a profound shift in Roman society and its longstanding polytheistic religious traditions. The historical account of „Cross. Deny. Glorify.“ presents the birth of this transformative period through the perspectives of three distinct characters. Gaius, the father – a simple soldier. Flavius, the son – an itinerant merchant. Marcus, the grandson – a philosopher.

„Cross. Deny. Glorify.“ is unique in its character while holding true to a core musical vision that binds the entire record.