AUREOLE release new single Beware that which Inhabits the Belltower

AUREOLE drop the sinister final single Beware that which Inhabits the Belltower‚ that is taken from the US ambient black metal project’s forthcoming third album „Alunarian Bellmaster„.

Aureole – Beware That Which Inhabits the Belltower [Official Visualizer] – YouTube

AUREOLE talk about this installment of the album’s conceptual story: „The chapter ‚Beware that which Inhabits the Belltower‘ leads towards the incomprehensible power and immortality of the true face of Alunar’s cosmic heart and bell!“, mastermind Markov Soroka narrates. „An aeon of stored trauma, a beater rings out loudly as it crushes that which tries to conquer it. This track addresses the midpoint of the ‚Alunarian Bellmaster‘ album’s saga, where the invading astral forces, like all others, find that even with Alunar’s castle walls bare and structure coming apart, the bell will always remain immortal… or will it?“