AUREOLE reveal second single Orbiting Among Alunarian Ruins

AUREOLE release the second single Orbiting Among Alunarian Ruins‚ taken from the US ambient black metal project’s forthcoming third album „Alunarian Bellmaster„: Aureole – Orbiting Among Alunarian Ruins [Official Visualizer] – YouTube

AUREOLE explain how the new single fits into the album’s conceptual story: „The initial shock of the invading force’s missiles left only crumbling ruins around the Citadel Alunar, yet the Bellmaster’s spine that had been turned into brass and was firmly secured to a floating piece of debris endured“, mastermind Markov Soroka relates. „In this song, we hear the desperate yet cathartic movements created by the attempt to unfreeze from the rock, which would allow for a sacrificial teleport in order to send Citadel Alunar to a different dimension in the persisting hope of finding new inhabitants there. To be continued…“