AUSSICHTSLOS set release date for new album

Purity Through Fire sets June 21st as the international release date for Aussichtslos‚ highly anticipated third album, Schicksalstotschlag, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Aussichtslos – Verwoben Trackpremiere 2024 (

It was but March 2021 when Austria’s Aussichtslos burst from the void, fully formed, with their Völlig  Aussichtslos debut album. Remarkably assured, classically inclined, the power-trio presented grim, harsh, but oft-hard-rocking black metal that favorably recalled the post-Strength & Honour landscape of Finland as well as ancient-days Germania ala Luror, Wolfsmond, and Hellfucked. Six months later, Aussichtslos amazingly released another full-length, Einsicht. While it was chronologically their second album, Einsicht was actually recorded in 2020, before the release of Völlig Aussichtslos took place. Either way, between the two records did Aussichtslos show themselves as new contenders in austere black metal classicism, capable of tradition but also thought-provoking lyrics reflecting upon inner struggles so universal to the human experience.

And so it goes with Schicksalstotschlag, arguably Aussichtslos‚ most desperate record yet. While it may’ve been quiet on the Austrian front the past few years, that does nothing to dim the fire of their third full-length: Schicksalstotschlag is at once urgent and reserved, violently passionate but poised and stoic – and of course, as anthemic as ever. Not for nothing is Purity Through Fire known as the stronghold of Teutonic steel, its sword-wielders capable of a catchiness as wild and windswept as any biergarten, and Aussichtslos keep apace on Schicksalstotschlag, keeping the riffs rocking as ever and the heart enflamed with emotion. Their production, as always, is on the palatable side of „polished,“ crisp and clean and gleaming with steely-eyed pride, making these nine songs the penultimate in battle-charging bombast and ballast. Credit new drummer Kartharziss (who also provides tasteful synths) with that proud pulse, although vocalist / lyricist Norsk (unchain his heart!) and fellow six-stringer Garst hold their own and help make the closing nine-minute epic „Hochverrat“ the band’s best track to date. Black metalsmiths of destiny, unite again for Schicksalstotschlag!