AUSTERE announce new album and release video single Sullen

AUSTERE have unveiled a sinister video for the epic opening track ‚Sullen‘ as the first and only single taken from the black metal duo’s forthcoming new full-length „Corrosion of Hearts“. The band from Wollongong in Australia’s east coast state New South Wales will release their third album on April 28, 2023.

Austere – Sullen [Official Music Video] – YouTube

AUSTERE comment: „The first single ‚Sullen‘ is also the first track that we wrote for ‚Corrosion of Hearts‘ and it has an interesting background“, guitarist and singer Mitchell Keepin explains on behalf of the duo. „The main riff theme within the track was actually also the first song written for an album that we started working on directly after ‚To Lay Like Old Ashes‘ was released, 13 years ago. For various reasons, that album never came to fruition. Yet the main riff, whilst slightly different at the time, survived. Although it carries a different feel to our previous work, it is a good starting point to pick up the pieces that were left behind so long ago when we decided to rebirth the band. ‚Corrosion of Hearts‘, as an album, reflects the opportunity to write additional melodies that we didn’t have the time for during the recording of our previous album. This allowed us to deliver a bigger soundscape carried by epic melodies in an atmospheric way. it feels great to be able to expand further and venture into new waters. ‚Sullen‘ is an important track for us as it was the catalyst for Austere to reigniting the flames that are burning within us.“