AUSTERE release first single and details of new album

AUSTERE have revealed ‚Faded Ghost‘ as the first single taken from the black metal duo’s forthcoming new album „Beneath the Threshold“. The band from Wollongong in Australia’s east coast state New South Wales will release their fourth full-length on April 5, 2023: Austere – Faded Ghost [Official Music Video] – YouTube

AUSTERE comment: „Initially, ‚Faded Ghost‘ was written as a ‚breather‘ for the record, but while we were working at the details during its creation, the song evolved into what we now consider to be the second part of ‚Just for a Moment…‘ – an older song of ours“, guitarist and singer Mitchell Keepin explains on behalf of the duo. „The material featured on ‚Beneath the Threshold‘ was always meant to be more riff-based and driving, while we were also determined to keep our multi-layered guitar and keyboard parts. In order to retain the feel of an open, atmospheric song, we structured ‚Faded Ghost‘ in more or less the same manner as ‚Just for a Moment…‘. Once again, we employed clean vocals and additional harmonies for the entire track. Lyrically, we are delving into an obscure and dark subject, with all personal elements seemingly removed. You are invited to speculate what it’s about.“

„Beneath the Threshold“ represents AUSTERE in the here and now. With their fourth full-length the Australians have taken a long step into the present and embrace their musical future in a way that might have been expected after a 13-year hiatus.

When their voluntary break ended with the release of „Corrosion of Hearts“ in 2023, the duo consisting of Mitchell Keepin and Tim Yatras returned with a more mature and defined version of their own particular style of black metal, which reflected both their greater experience and evolution as artists. Both musicians had been active in other bands during the hiatus of AUSTERE.

While „Corrosion of Hearts“ formed the bridge between the band’s musical history and the artists‘ fresh vision, „Beneath the Threshold“ takes a leap of expression. AUSTERE’s sonic heritage is still alive. Even though their roots in early Norse black metal and its depressive Scandinavian offspring continue to shine through, it is also apparent that the Australians have audibly strengthened their emotional expressiveness and previous blackgaze leanings beyond the point where a stylistic shift towards the latter needs to be diagnosed.

On „Beneath the Threshold“, AUSTERE offer more hooks and melodic harmonies to complement the multi-layered, harsh and dreamlike guitar textures expertly woven by Keepin with the aid of Yatras‘ emotive drumming. This development is emphasised by a suitable production that lets each of the elements shine and does not try to blur the riffs.

AUSTERE evolved out of a solo-project run by multi-instrumentalist and singer Desolate alias Mitchell Keepin who joined forces with drummer, keyboard player, and vocalist Sorrow aka Tim Yatras in 2005. Signature frost-bitten guitars, alongside high-pitched screams and wails marked AUSTERE’s debut album „Withering Illusions and Desolation“ (2007) as well as the two split-releases „Only the Wind Remembers / Ending the Circle of Life“ (with LYRINX, 2008) and „Bleak…“ (with ISOLATION, 2008), which AUSTERE reissued partly on the EP „Only the Wind Remembers“ (2008). The sophomore album „To Lay like Old Ashes“  followed in 2009 and still featured a raw sound but with a refined production.

The same year, AUSTERE entered a voluntary hiatus until activities were resumed in 2021. During their absence the number of followers continued to grow through word of mouth.

For AUSTERE the stars under the Southern Cross have newly aligned and the harsh majestic beauty of „Beneath the Threshold“ calls out to everyone to raise their eyes up to the night sky around the globe and behold the finally unleashed Australian band in its full musical glory.