BENEATH MY FEET – neues Label und neues Video

Beneath My Feet have announced their worldwide signing with Germany’s powerhouse label Noble Demon for the release of the band’s upcoming new album, entitled „In Parts, Together“.

Hailing from northern Sweden, Beneath My Feet combine influences from the American metal sound and the British hardcore scene to produce what is best described as a loving rhytmic punch to the face. Their music brings together heavy rhythm, pop influenced melodic choruses and catchy riffs, an intense blend that not only earned the band a steadily growing name within the scene, but also several tours across Europe and performances with bands like Dead By April, Amaranthe, The Unguided, Machinae Supremacy, Corroded and many others.

Beneath My Feet states: „We are proud to announce that we are now signed to Noble Demon. With this new partnership, we hope to be able to expand our reach to new audiences while also producing quality content for our long-time listeners.“

Noble Demon CEO Patrick Walch adds: „I’ve always been a huge fan of this style of metal, some of my favorite artists come up with killer breakdowns like our Swedish lads in BENEATH MY FEET manage to offer in its finest way. They grab you by the balls and smash you right back on the floor, lovely! :- ) There are many young metalcore bands around but it’s not easy to find a really good and dedicated one which can still surprise you with their art. And it’s always hard when you sign an excellent band and instantly wanna tell it to the world but have to hold back for a few more weeks until everything is prepared but today is the day where we can proudly tell that BENEATH MY FEET are now officially part of the NOBLE DEMON roster!“

Beneath My Feet’s new studio album will be released on January 13, 2023 and deals with themes such as abuse, trauma, anxiety and grief. „Having lived through the events chronicled on the album takes a toll on any person, but through sharing experiences with others and uniting in struggle, we can rise stronger again“ the band comments. In support of their soon to be released album, Beneath My Feet have released an electrifying & heavy preview of what’s to come with the music video and first single „Dig My Grave“: Beneath My Feet – Dig my Grave (Official Music Video) Metalcore | Noble Demon – YouTube


Benath My Feet about the song: „It’s a hard hitting trip into the mind of someone knowing that their end is near, how it changes them. When stripped of all control and headed straight towards damnation, what’s left to do but embrace your path? What’s more human than reclaiming your agency, commanding; Dig My Grave!