BLACK SORCERY set release date for new EP

Eternal Death announces May 24th as the international release date for a brand-new EP from Black Sorcery, Plummeting Into the Hour of the Wolf, on cassette tape format.

Plummeting Into the Hour of the Wolf | Black Sorcery | Eternal Death (

Forged out of the cursed landscape of Rhode Island, American black metal quartet Black Sorcery brings forth a new EP release titled Plummeting Into the Hour of the Wolf. Cold and foreboding, caustic, frenzied, and bound by somber introspection and destructive impulse, this latest work is a testament to the raw spirit of traditional black metal and remains devoted to the obscured paths of the genre’s unspoiled past. The three tracks are marked by themes of desperation, solitude, perversion, moral decay, and the loss of self in the suffocating darkness of existence – an unforgiving internal labyrinth of shattered mirrors where illumination is obtained through the talisman of suffering and pleasure realized in the ecstasy of willful damnation.

Black Sorcery’s celebrated debut album, Deciphering Torment Through Malediction, last summer certainly raised the bar for New England black metal and American black metal in general, harkening to the ancient days of such labels as Sombre, A.M.S.G., and Drakkar Productions. Featuring more epic songwriting that always retains energy and urgency, as well as a pronounced emphasis on no-less-frenzied melancholy, Plummeting Into the Hour of the Wolf further displays Black Sorcery’s ever-growing strengths, once again given a powerful push through Enormous Door’s mastering.