BLACKFLOW stream debut at 666MrDoom

Epic doom metallers BlackFlow stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Seeds of Downfall, at the 666MrDoom YouTube channel: BlackFlow – Seeds of Downfall (Full Album 2023) – YouTube

Hailing from Chile, BlackFlow are a doom metal band with broad influences ranging from rock to death metal. They formed in 2016, and two years later released their debut EP, Confusion and Time, which received positive reviews from various media outlets. Headbangers Latinoamérica, in particular, recognized the EP as one of the notable works of 2018, thus solidifying the band’s early years.

With the arrival of the pandemic, BlackFlow decided to release the live recording Live… Into Confusion in 2020. This new EP captured the raw and energetic essence of their live performances, once again garnering attention in the local scene and attracting new followers. Following this, a period of composition for their first full-length recording ensued, while the band also performed in various cities in Chile. Their shows opening for Candlemass and Lacuna Coil, both of which received excellent reviews from specialized media, were particularly notable. As a preview of what was being created, they released the single “Indifferent to Others” in 2022, showcasing the band’s artistic evolution and revealing the dark and emotive sound that characterizes them.

Proving that persistence of vision pays off, BlackFlow are now poised to release their debut album, Seeds of Downfall. Featuring eight epic tracks across 54 minutes, the album showcases a mature sound with mighty contrasts – at once molten in its heaviness and atmospheric in effect, dark in aura but uplifting in message, and sorrowful leads somehow extremely energetic – bringing renewal and expansiveness to doom metal while also exuding a blanching confidence and addicting swagger. Truly, it’s those latter two elements which put BlackFlow ahead of the doom pack; while undoubtedly within the wider doom pantheon, their rumbling & rolling sound can move mountains, for it is built upon a rock-solid foundation of songwriting – dynamic, powerful, melancholic yet invigorating. All this would be nothing without the right vocals, and in frontman Victor Prades‘ pipes is the wisdom of the ages; you WILL feel goosebumps, guaranteed. Form fitting content, Seeds of Downfall features stunning production, with recording & mastering handled under the guidance of Seba Puente (AudioCustom Estudio – Nuclear). The CD version will also include a bonus track featuring Claudio Carrasco (Poema Arcanus) on guttural vocals.

Thus girded with such a debut album, BlackFlow demonstrate their dedication and passion for epic doom, achieving a distinctive style that nevertheless can be likened to the classic likes of Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Solitude Aeternus, the UK’s Solstice, or even Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath. Complemented by poignant messages pertaining to our role as a species, Seeds of Downfall promises to be a milestone for the band and the Chilean music scene.