BOTANIST drop new single Royal Protea

Avant-garde green metal outfit BOTANIST conclude the sowing of new singles with the track ‚Royal Protea‘, which is taken from the forthcoming album „Paleobotany“ that will beginn to bloom in shops on May 17, 2024: Botanist – Royal Protea [Official Single] (

The ancestors of the flowing plant family of Protea evolved about 75–80 million years ago on the supercontinent of Gondwanaland, which covered most of the southern hemisphere. Due to the continental drift of earth’s tectonic plates, Gondwana separated into smaller parts that form today’s southern continents. In present times, Protea are mainly found in the area of South Africa. Its largest species, the self-fertilising Protea cynaroides, which is also called Giant Protea and King Sugar Bush is the country’s national plant.

BOTANIST comment on ‚Royal Protea‘: „There are practically innumerable variants of Protea, and most of them grow in South Africa, where the eponymous plant of the single originated, about 65 million years ago“, mastermind Otrebor explains. „Back at the time, the area that is now South Africa was a rain forest.“