BOTANIST release new single Epidendrum Nocturnum

Plant-based metal avant-gardists BOTANIST have seeded the new track ‚Epidendrum Nocturnum‘, which is named after a ’nocturnal‘ species of the orchid family (common to South Florida but also growing in the Caribbean and all the way down to Brasil), as the second single taken from their forthcoming album „VIII: Selenotrope“. The album is planted for blooming on May 19, 2023: Botanist – Epidendrum Nocturnum – YouTube

BOTANIST comment: „For ‚VIII: Selenotrope‘, I wanted to limit myself to only dulcimers, drums, bass and voice“, mastermind Otrebor explains. „For the voice, I decided to have an album without any screams or harsh vocals whatsoever, and instead to rely on the whispers that speak to the listener as messages in a dreamlike state. As the album progresses, melodic choirs are increasingly introduced. These choirs, which have progressed in form and presence since I started Botanist, see their biggest role ever on ‚VIII: Selenotrope‘. The song ‚Epidendrum Nocturnum‘ is one of the album’s darker pieces. Its churning main section gives way to a cathartic landscape in which whispered elements underpin melodic choral paeans to flora that bloom in moonlight.“