BROTHER DEGE announces new album and releases first single

Grammy-nominated, renowned guitarist, singer & songwriter BROTHER DEGE (pronounced ‚deej‘) unveils the first pro-shot video single ‚Where the Black Flowers Grow‘ taken from the blues & rock musician’s forthcoming sixth full-length „Aurora“, which is slated for release on March 15, 2024: Brother Dege – Where The Black Flowers Grow [Official Music Video] – YouTube

BROTHER DEGE comments: „I don’t like to completely divulge what the songs are about, as I prefer for the listener to become a creative participant in the meaning of each song“, the American guitaristsinger explains. „So I will just let you know that ‚Where the Black Flowers Grow‘ is a moody love and lust song about accepting the darker sides of one’s own psyche and its flaws, desires, and quirks as well as the dysfunctional relationships we sometimes jump into and how those experiences inevitably teach us weird things about ourselves.“