BROTHER DEGE inks deal with Prophecy Productions

Grammy-nominated, renowned singer/songwriter BROTHER DEGE (pronounced ‚deej‘) aka Dege Legg has inked an album deal with Prophecy Productions. The American guitarist will release his upcoming new album via the label as well as his physical catalogue of dark, southern Americana, and heavily Delta blues imbued, spellbinding song-craft.

BROTHER DEGE comments: „After literally decades of doing everything on my own, the workload was just getting too much for me“, the singer and guitarist explains. „I’m therefore supremely stoked to be working with a killer, eclectic label like Prophecy Productions from now on.“

Martin Koller adds: „We have always put substance before style regarding our signings“, the label’s founder writes. „To work with such an outstanding artist as Brother Dege is both a privilege and an obligation, which we are well able to fulfill. As perspired last year with the highly successful release of legendary British singer Arthur Brown’s new blues rock masterpiece, we seem to have made our own deal at the crossroads. Going deeper into the dark south into the lands of Delta blues is a logical next step, but is only one of the many great reasons why we welcome Brother Dege from the bottom of our hearts into the Prophecy family.“

Four BROTHER DEGE albums will be reissued on October 20, 2023 via the label on black and limited colour vinyl and also as Digisleeve CDs: „Folk Songs of the American Longhair“ (2010), „How to Kill a Horse“ (2013), „Scorched Earth Policy”“(2015), and „Farmer’s Almanac“ (2018).