BURIAL MOON stream debut mini-album at No Gleaming Light

On December 8th internationally, Signal Rex will release Burial Moon’s highly anticipated debut mini-album, self-titled Burial Moon, on CD, 12″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats. And now, the No Gleaming Light YouTube channel streams the mini-album in its entirety: Burial Moon – Burial Moon (Full Length) 2023 – YouTube

Burial Moon are a mysterious international entity which may or may not include members as distant as Northern Europe as well as the southernmost climes of Europe. Grim and ethereal is their black metal, as the four lengthy tracks across their 22-minute Burial Moon mini-album cast a spell of raw mysticism immediately felt. The guitar tone alone, despite being hypnotically melodic, sounds like decay in realtime; the vocals suitably hover above the ever-surging miasma like a malignant spectre, and often take on a disembodied choral effect. And, for as lengthy as those four component tracks are, their song titles go to great lengths – literally – to convey the psychic headspace Burial Moon are occupying on their public debut. Curious about this mystery? Then catch the band playing this year’s Signal Rex-curated Invicta Requiem Mass VII in Porto, Portugal.