CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE reveal new video single Hermaphroditus

CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE unveil the occult video clip Hermaphroditus‚ as the second single taken from the Italian ensemble’s forthcoming new album Atalanta Fugiens“ („Atalante Fleeing“), which is based on an enigmatic alchemist tome and slated for release on June 14, 2024.

Camerata Mediolanense – Hermaphroditus [Official Music Video] (

CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE comment: „The song ‚Hermaphroditus‘ is based on the thirty-third emblem of the treatise ‚Atalanta Fugiens‘ written by the German alchemist Michael Maier and released in 1617“, composermulti-instrumentalist, and choir vocalist Elena Previdi reveals. „The Hermaphrodite, also called rebis (‚double thing‘), is the fruit of a chemical marriage between opposites: the masculine and the feminine, naturally, but also the sun and the moon, hot and cold, blood and milk, gold and silver, or even, as in this passage, sulfur and mercury. The Hermaphrodite therefore represents divine perfection, which is achieved at the cost of unspeakable suffering that underlies the process of transformation of derangement into stillness, and that underlies the conflict between delirium and reason. Musically, a timeless voice starts the tormented alchemical process generated by the two choirs and the two harpsichords. The direction of the music is clear and neat, but at the end the funeral march of the horns makes its way.“