Canada’s REVERSED stream debut

Today, Canadian death-maniacs Reversed stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Wildly Possessed, at the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Set for international release on May 24th via Invictus Productions, hear Reversed’s Wildly Possessed in its entirety:

Reversed (Can) – Wildly Possessed (Album 2024) (

Arising from Vancouver’s potent extreme metal mire, Reversed initially materialized in 2015 through a dedication to the spirit of real death metal and a rabid obsession with death. Guided more by passion than execution, this collection of well-honed ghouls quickly fell into a sepulchral trance to channel a singular form of necrotic, razor-lined heavy metal devilry.

Dying to crack open the tomb, Reversed harnessed and released the Widow Recluse demo tape into the wild in 2018 via Muerto En La Cruz and the recently closed Temple of Mystery. Showcasing the band’s gestating lunacy, the demo revealed shades of black, death, and thrash violently assembled into a refined vision of chaotic mayhem – a runaway train barely remaining on the rails. Due to wild demand, this was immediately followed by vinyl and CD versions on Temple of Mystery in 2019.

Afterward, a string of live shows displayed the wretched results across Western Canada and the USA, playing alongside Aura Noir, Morbid Saint, Antediluvian, Witch Vomit, and more. What followed was a period of cloistered writing and conspiring while the world writhed in torment by the festering plague.

Two rough tracks destined for the eventual debut album were recorded in the Reversed ritual space and released on limited tape by Bent Window Productions. This was to be fully realized on the Reversed debut LP, Wildly Possesed, heralding the dawn of a more aggressive and voracious worship of the ultimate extreme metal essence – 1986 – where labels of death, black, speed, and thrash were interchangeable.

The album was recorded at the infamous Fiasco Bros. Studios where Blasphemy recorded their legendary albums, mixed and mastered by Marco S. Vermiglio at The Forge Music Productions, and set to unleashed by infamous Irish underground devotee Invictus Productions in Spring 2024.