CARNAL TOMB announce new album and release lyric video

CARNAL TOMB from Berlin unleash the lyric video ‚The Putridarium‚ as the first single taken from the German old school death dealers‘ forthcoming new album „Embalmed in Decay„, which is scheduled for release on November 3, 2023: Carnal Tomb – The Putridarium [Official Lyric Video] – YouTube

CARNAL TOMB comment: „After ‚Osseous Sarcophagus‘, our drummer Vomitchrist wrote ‚The Putridarium‘ as his second song for ‚Carnal Tomb'“, guitarist and singer Cryptic Tormentor explains. „The track features some riffs that he wrote all the way back in 2008. Its sinister and fast forward nature made it the perfect opener for ‚Embalmed in Decay‘. It comes with everything that we love about death metal: blast beats, doom sections, even some groove, a massive triplet riff, and various solo sections of lead guitar and bass. While writing this song, Vomitchrist was inspired by bands like Grave Miasma and Cruciamentum. The lyrics were inspired by crypts in Italy that have the same name: putridarium. We used this track also as a foundation for the album cover. In combination with the intro, which was created by our good friend Leonhard Link, this song very much sets the atmosphere of this album and represents everything that it is about.“