CARNAL TOMB release title track Embalmed in Decay

Berlin based CARNAL TOMB detonate the massive title track of their forthcoming new album „Embalmed in Decay“ into the death metal hungry ears on this planet. The third full-length of the German old school death dealers is slated for release on November 3, 2023.

Carnal Tomb – Embalmed in Decay – YouTube

CARNAL TOMB comment: „I wrote the title track of our new album, ‚Embalmed in Decay‘, shortly after our first album ‚Rotten Remains‘ was released“, guitarist and singer Cryptic Tormentor lets on and continues; „It is a classic death metal song in the sense that it was heavily inspired by old bands that we all know and love. The track comes with fast and furious heavy riffing and a catchy melody in the chorus. The lyrics were inspired by the movie ‚Tombs of the Blind Dead‘, which was also the main influence for the cover artwork. It took us some time to decide which track should become the title of the new album. We finally settled for ‚Embalmed in Decay‘ because it features everything that should be in an old school death metal song: It is a straight forward and hard hitting song which to me are the very qualities that the eponymous song of an album should have.“