CORROSIVE announces Wrath Of The Witch

The wait is over, as the curtain lifts on an eagerly awaited revelation. CORROSIVE, the death metal powerhouse hailing from Hessen, Germany, is poised to unleash their highly anticipated concept album „Wrath Of The Witch“ on Friday, October 13th, via MDD Records. Brace yourself for an immersive odyssey into a world of dark enchantment!

With „Wrath Of The Witch,“ CORROSIVE embarks on an ambitious narrative journey, delivering a chilling and captivating concept album. This magnum opus melds their trademark death metal prowess with intricate storytelling, promising a gripping experience that will resonate with fans and newcomers alike.

Notable guest performances from luminaries such as Gerre (Tankard), Sabina Classen (Holy Moses), Dirk Weiss (Warpath), Eva Schmidt (Nihil), Andreas Jäger (Hyems), and Kai Wilhelm (Final Cry) infuse „Wrath Of The Witch“ with multifaceted character perspectives. This collaborative approach enriches the album, elevating it into a multi-dimensional sonic tapestry.