CULT OF ERINYES set release date for new album

Amor Fati Productions announces May 24th as the international release date for Cult of Erinyes‚ highly anticipated fifth album, Metempsychosis, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Cult of Erinyes comes back with Metempsychosis, an album to set the band as a main force of inspired and unique black metal. As a conceptual album based on the delirum and the introspection one can live in front of Death, Metempsychosis contains only two pieces, but together clock to more than 43 minutes of relentless darkness.

The Cult makes a statement that will resonate throughout the older generations, but newer ones, as well: vicious leads; perfect dissonance; blastbeats by the beast himself, Ahephaïm from Sabathan; and one of (if not) the best vocal performances from Belgian madman Déhà. Corvus, once again, shows his genius in complex compositions, from violent black metal to „noir ambient,“ that will bring you to the brink of Death.

Cult of Erinyes is not just one black metal band amongst others; it is a true force to be reckoned with. And Metempsychosis hammers the nails down.

Tracklisting for Cult of Erinyes‘ Metempsychosis
1. Death and the Voyage [22:23]
2. Eternity in a Second [21:09]