DARKEST HOUR kündigen ihr 10. Studioalabum an

Picture Mary Lou Larson

Darkest Hour, aus Washington, D.C. – Mike Schleibaum [Gitarre], John Henry [Gesang], Aaron Deal [Bass], Travis Orbin [Schlagzeug] und Nico Santora [Gitarre] – haben ihr zehntes Album „Perpetual | Terminal“ für den 23. Februar über MNRK Heavy angekündigt. Mit dem Video zum Titeltrack stimmt die Band schon einmal auf das neue Album ein: Darkest Hour – Perpetual Terminal – (Official Video) – YouTube

„This is a whole Darkest Hour album in one song,“ the band says. „It felt like the perfect album opener, eventually became the title track, and therefore is the perfect place to start as we present this new album to the world. Lyrically, it touches on all of the themes of the record — an album centered around the duality of survival and rebirth. Or, you could just say, some new music from old friends who just won’t ever give up.“