DIABOLIC NIGHT – new lyric video

High Roller Records proudly announces the second full-length album of Teutonic metal brigade DIABOLIC NIGHT. „Beneath The Crimson Prophecy“ will be released on October 20th 2023 on CD and LP. An exclusive tape version is coming via Mortal Rite Records. A lyric video for the first single, entitled „The Sacred Scriptures“, can be checked out here: Diabolic Night – The Sacred Scriptures (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

Atmospherically, DIABOLIC NIGHT’s new material sports a slightly darker armour without neglecting any of the assets for which multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Heavy Steeler has become known for: NWoBHM-tinged lead guitar work, addictive melodies, frosty tremolos straight from early-90s Scandinavia as well as unmistakable mid-80s Ruhr area breakneck drumming and a barking vocal delivery.

Still, there’s an epic twist to it all, testament to the narrative structure and Heavy Steeler’s uncompromising vision. Recorded again with the help of trusted skinsman Christhunter in three different studios and graced with another striking cover by Adam Burke (Angel Witch, Portrait), the songs scream to be performed on stage, which will happen, of course, with a full live line-up.