DISGUISED MALIGNANCE sign to Prosthetic Records

Helsinki, Finland’s DISGUISED MALIGNANCE has announced their signing to Prosthetic Records, with their forthcoming debut album, Entering the Gateways, due to be released on September 29. Alongside the signing and album announcement, the Finnish death metal group has shared Entering the Gateways‚ lead single Malignant Visions.


Picture Eero Palmu

Speaking on the album announcement, Felix Pennanen (vocals) comments: „Entering the Gateways’ songwriting approach combined with lyrical concepts and overall aesthetic form an entirety that evolves throughout the album’s runtime. First, the listener is absorbed into the hellish & twisted landscapes known from 90s death metal, surrounded with existential dread and nihilistic thoughts. As the album progresses, these landscapes and concepts start to evolve, while new ideas are introduced to the music. I think we achieved a great balance between banger riffs and otherworldly atmospheres.

„Self-producing the album allowed us to make this entirety as close to the vision in our heads as possible. From the way each instrument sounds to the colossal and atmospheric synth soundscapes, the freedom to tweak these things ourselves really added a significant amount of depth to this debut album.“

Aatos Palmu (bass) adds: „We are inspired by a wide variety of different kinds of music, and I think it can be felt and heard in DISGUISED MALIGNANCE. All of those influences together with our own artistic visions form a distinct sound and vibe. This album lays the groundwork for the ”Disguised Malignance sound” which we always aim to achieve and evolve when writing music.“