DOMKRAFT release new video for Whispers

Take a sizzling road-trip with Swedish psychedelic doom masters DOMKRAFT and their new video single ‚Whispers‘ taken from their highly-anticipated fourth album „Sonic Moons“, which is chalked-up for release on September 8: Domkraft – Whispers [Official Music Video] – YouTube

DOMKRAFT comment: „The new single ‚Whispers‘ is not quite as subtle as the title suggests, but it’s not all upper case riff-o-rama during those nine minutes either“, vocalist and bass player Martin Wegeland elaborates. „We wanted a touch of weightlessness while keeping the pounding grooves to create a creeping sense of forward motion. To me, the mid-section solo is the centerpiece of the track and really showcases the wide range of Martin’s influences as a guitarist. The harmonies, together with the different energies and densities of the song, make it fairly representative of what the album is about: confined energy and release.“