Doomcrusher release new single Reflect

German modern metal quintet Doomcrusher, the newest addition to the Arising Empire roster, have released their second crushing single ‚Reflect‘: DOOMCRUSHER – Reflect (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (

In the crucible of the apocalyptic atmosphere that envelops our world, Doomcrusher were forged. Born out of the deepest desire to be the harbinger of change, the band emerged with a resolute mission: to defy the impending doom that looms on the horizon.

Founded by Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day), Jean Bormann (Rage), Marv Kinkel and Rob LeeDoomcrusher’s sound is a powerful fusion of stomping mid-tempo industrial riffs, seamlessly intertwined with uncompromising gutturals resolving into uplifting hooks.

The band’s sound is further enriched by sophisticated electronic elements, adding depth and complexity to their musical tapestry. The ambition is clear – to redefine modern core music while staying true to the roots of the metal genre. Their music is not merely an auditory experience, it’s a journey through the realms of sound; a deliberate exploration of the boundaries of heavy music.

Doomcrusher stand as a defiant force against the inevitable, a rebellion that crushes the darkness of doom with an unwavering belief in the transformative power of music.