DYMNA LOTVA release new track & video Live! (Жыві!)

DYMNA LOTVA unleash a fierce battle cry for freedom with their new non-album track ‚Live!‘ (Жыві!) and the accompanying video. The duo was first forced to flee their native homeland Belarus from political persecution by the dictator Lukashenka. Shortly afterwards vocalist Nokt Aeon also had to leave her Ukrainian exile when the Russian bombs began to fall with Putin’s continuing invasion.

This track and video are a tribute to those brave men and women risking their lives in the fight for freedom. In the words of the band: „This is a song for our homeland and those who are ready to defend her and fight for her freedom“, DYMNA LOTVA write. „Now they are defending her honor by helping Ukraine fight against the invaders.“

Dymna Lotva – Жыві! (Live!) [Official Music Video] (youtube.com)

The first half of the video includes a solemn oath sworn by the Kastus Kalinoŭski Regiment, which is a military formation within the Armed Forces of Ukraine that consists of Belarusian volunteers.