DYMNA LOTVA release new video single Till the End

DYMNA LOTVA captured their audience twice at this year’s edition of Prophecy Fest. Although the band from Belarus was again facing serious obstacles. Foremost, composer, co-founder, and bass player Jauhien was not able to join as the papers allowing him to travel from his exile in Poland to Germany did not arrive in time. The passionate and stunning performance of singer Nokt Aeon still moved the crowd to the point where the band’s merch was sold out and they were showered with glowing reviews from press and visitors immediately in the aftermath.

Following the release of their latest full-length „The Land under the Black Wings: Blood“ (Зямля Пад Чорнымі Крыламі: Кроў) on August 4, 2023, the exiled duo is now releasing a live clip with remixed sound for the track ‚Till the End‘ (Да Скону), which was originally recorded at the charity festival to support medical workers in the Belarus capital of Minsk on April 26, 2020.

Dymna Lotva – Да Скону (Till The End) [Live] – YouTube

DYMNA LOTVA comment on Till the End‘ (Да Скону): „This song is about the eternal violence in our world“, vocalist Katsiaryna „Nokt Aeon“ Mankevich explains. „Wars go on. Killings, torture, and terror. Nobody is safe. Can this ever stop? Or will cruelty and suffering only end with life itself?“