DYS ‚Brotherhood‘ 40th Anniversary LP

Originally released in 1983 as the fourth title on Boston’s iconic X-CLAIM! record label, DYS is celebrating 40 years of Brotherhood with a special edition of their classic LP. This anniversary pressing compiles both sides of the album as well as their song „Wolfpack“ onto a single-sided LP, with a screen-printed B-side. This edition is limited to 1,000 copies available from Bridge Nine in two colors: clear vinyl (300 pressed) and translucent red vinyl (700 pressed).

Maximum Rock N Roll called this album a „contagious masterpiece.“ A part of the original Boston Crew, alongside S.S. Decontrol and Negative FX, DYS and their Brotherhood album influenced generations of straight edge hardcore punk bands, the youth crew movement, and deserves a place in any true hardcore fan’s record collection.

Earlier this year, DYS announced a series of 40th anniversary shows to acknowledge this milestone. Those were unfortunately canceled due to vocalist Dave Smalley’s struggles with a serious medical issue. Those issues are unfortunately ongoing and have resulted in significant medical expenses. For that reason, proceeds from this special edition are being donated to Dave Smalley’s medical fund.