Finnish melodic metal outfit VORNA reveal first single and album details

Hiljaisuus ei kestä, the first single from the forthcoming new VORNA album Aamunkoi, out now on all digital platforms! VORNA about Hiljaisuus ei kestä: „Hiljaisuus ei kestä (Silence Never Lasts) served as a vessel for the initial emotions awoken during the first week of Putin’s attack on Ukraine. Humankind never learns and there’s always someone who fills the void and shatters the peace we’d grown to take for granted.“

VORNA – Hiljaisuus ei kestä (new single – official audio) – YouTube

The music of VORNA from Tampere is as melancholic as sublimely gloomy. No wonder that the group has already toured or played shows with Insomnium, Wintersun, Kalmah, Thyrfing and Whispered. The sextet from Finland, active since 2008, enters with a majestic metal sound that also features symphonic and folk accents.

The band’s fourth album stands out for its self-evident, breathing musicality. The lyrics are presented again in the Finnish native language of the musicians and support the mythical character of the tracks. The album title could hardly be more aptly chosen. “Aamunkoi” can be translated as “Aurora”. In literature, this means “The Dawn”. In the far north, where VORNA come from, this is also the name for the phenomenon of the polar lights. In both interpretations darkness and grace play a role. Astonishment and fear are also to be associated. Not everything can be grasped and cleary understood. Much remains in the indefinite and in the intermediate tones. This closes the circle to the melancholic metal of the six Finns and their nature-loving understanding of art.

In comparison with the debut “Ajastaika” (2013), the second album from 2015, “Ei valo minua seuraa”, and the debut on LIFEFORCE RECORDS, “Sateet palata saavat” (2019), VORNA surpass themselves on “Aamunkoi”. All songs sound immensely multifaceted, accentuated and above all atmospheric.

The gloomy emotionality and fine melody lines of the band’s fourth album pull in their spell. The contrasting play between forward attacks and fragile atmosphere, which reaches deep, has lasting effects and impresses.

VORNA about Aamunkoi: „Life is finite, unpredictable, and unfair. The album’s main theme is survival in the uncertain world where the lucky ones who get to witness a new day have a chance to strive for a better future – when they still can. Music-wise Aamunkoi is Vorna’s most melodic work to date and we have once again broadened our musical horizon towards new territories on every instrument. „